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Yelp! about BodyGood Massage


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About Us

BodyGood Massage is a fusion of medical/orthopedic and pain care bodywork with spa-style flair. BodyGood Massage is not a spa or a clinic, but the best of BOTH. Our services and treatment techniques are based on a mindset and experience; not simply a set of routines. Each treatment is a journey with a destination, a destination that is YOURS;  Because all people are different all treatment programs are tailored to your needs and preferences.
All BodyGood Massage therapists are Licensed Massage Practitioners (LMP) and insured to the licensing requirements of:
Washington State Board of Massage
PO Box 47867, Olympia, WA 98504
Phone 360-236-4700
Fax 360.664.9077

BodyGood Massage is a licensed massage therapy center for medical massage treatments and pain care management. We are recognized and accepted by most all major insurance companies. The costs for our medical treatments are determined by individual needs, treatment requirements, and number of scheduled treatments. Medical massage treatments use more resources beyond therapist procedures and we must account for this in our billing policy;
i.e. consultations with recommending doctors, interfacing with liability lawyers, reports to insurance companies, etc. We will work with you to ensure that treatment claims meet your insurance provider's billing requirements and that we file all claims in a timely and expeditious manner. There are no roads here, only directions and goals. At BodyGood Massage, we blaze our own trails with YOU.

Our Staff

Li McMullen, LMP

Was born and raised in Chengdu , Sichuan Province, China. Li has a strong background in Asian healing therapy as she is trained in the Chinese manipulative massage therapy known as Tui-na, which uses body balancing techniques based on the eight principles of traditional Chinese medicine dating back some 2000 years. With Tui-na, Li uses a vast range of motions, tractions, massages, and acupressure points to treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. LI earned her business degree before coming to the US in 2000, where she studied Swedish massage at the USA Pain Care College in Los Angeles. After her training and then refining her Swedish massage skills, Li moved to Seattle in 2004 where using her blend of Asian and Western therapies she has built up a loyal following of happy satisfied clients.

Daniel McMullen, LMP

A true Seattle native, born and raised in the emerald city. Dan graduated from Northwest School of Massage Kirkland campus in 2005. Prior to launch of BodyGood Massage, Dan spent five intense years working in a Chiropractic clinic performing patient injury treatment. Prior to his career in bodywork, Daniel worked in the field of mechanics for 18 years, a background that has given him a unique take on the treatment of pain and injuries. His mechanical training has allowed him to bring a "cause and effect " perspective to injury and pain treatment that is especially effective in weeding out the roots of the problems brought to him.


Justin  Reali

Specializes in Myofacial release and chronic dysfunction care, he is an experienced focused therapist with a wide range of techniques at his disposal. 

Rebecca Reali

Talented, experienced versatile.  With years of practice and experience Rebecca brings a nurturing quality to her Deep Tissue and relaxation therapy.